Thank You!

We realize that reading and submitting that agreement was probably annoying. We really appreciate your understanding.
Some of our better photos are used in the public domain like advertisements, editorials, big business marketing materials, company websites, etc.

We earn a much higher rate for our photos when we sell the rights for these type of uses. 
As soon as we send you a “digital photo”, it’s like giving you our negatives from an older film camera. The problem is that you will have the ability to reproduce and post them on the internet where people can grab them illegally and send them anywhere. Then we lose control of our product and our ability to earn an income. It’s a similar issue to bootlegging movies or music.
Our only other option would be to not provide digital photos at all, and only send you prints. But we realize that it is a product that many of our customers enjoy, so we just ask that they understand and agree to our policy.



Allen and Daniela Clark