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We have a new affordable price list which we are testing for J70 Winter Series.

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HighlightsFLEET1 Sold2 Building A3 Playdate4 Pazzi5 Button Fly6 T27 Reset8 Dark Horse9 Afterberner10 Black River Racing11 Selkie13 Piranha15 McFly16/17 Mancha Negra18 Chinook20 E.L.E21 USA 1371 / Confidence Interval22 Phoenix24 USA 24127 Norboy28 Simply Irresistible29 Columbia30 Rip Rullah33 Truckin'34 Helium35 Nitemare36 Catapult36 Yeah Yeah37 Mr. Pitiful40 B Squared41/51 D2 Racing42 USA 4243 Spoony Tactics46 New Wave50 Mojito52 5256 Polar57 DangerMouse61 Blazer63 Down the Line65 Hot Ticket67 USA 16769 Empeiria71 Rasta Racing71 Boreas72 Planet Claire73 Hot Mess77 Victory78 Pony81 Tea Snake Dance82 Surrender to the Flow83 Pazzi84 Vital Signs85 SPYC Junior Team88 Key Player91 Carlos93 Wild Card95 Semi-Charmed96 Savasana97 Loki99 32299 Black Mamba